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Study Away Insurance Information

Oberlin Insurance & Studying Away

Studying Away in Fall & Summer
  • If you normally have Oberlin's student insurance while on campus you will NOT automatically be enrolled in that insurance during fall semester (because you're going away)
  • In turn, you'll have a gap in insurance coverage between Aug. 1st (when Oberlin insurance from the previous year ends) and the start of your semester away (when insurance from your host program begins)
  • If you're studying away inside the U.S., or if you're studying abroad and want to maintain your Oberlin insurance during that gap, please contact Student Accounts
    • They can enroll you manually in Oberlin's student insurance so that you will have coverage here in the U.S. for the full academic year
  • Please note, Oberlin insurance does NOT cover you abroad. It's only meant to prevent gaps in insurance coverage here in the U.S.‚Äč
Studying Away in Spring & Summer
  • If you normally have Oberlin insurance while on campus you WILL have coverage inside the U.S. between Aug. 1st and July 31st - even though you'll be studying away in the spring or summer term
  • In turn, you will not have any gaps in insurance coverage while inside the U.S.
  • But you will still need separate insurance coverage if you're studying abroad outside of the U.S.

Health Insurance Options Abroad

Health Insurance While Studying Away
  • All students are required to have insurance while studying away (either internationally or inside the U.S.)
  • Many host programs include insurance, but some do not
  • It's very important to confirm with your host program what insurance they provide
  • For Students Studying inside the U.S.: Whether you have health insurance through Oberlin or another insurance plan, please confirm with your insurance provider that your existing policy will cover you in a new location inside of the U.S.
Required Study Away Emergency Insurance (applicable only for students studying outside of the U.S.)
  • All students studying outside of the U.S. are required to enroll in EIIA Emergency Insurance, regardless of whether or not your host program provides insurance
  • EIIA is free! And all you'll need to do is click on the link below to review the insurance policy and access your insurance card
    • Please print the document and then write your name and dates of travel on the "Insurance ID Card" on page 2
    • Make sure to keep the other documents in the attachment with you, along with the ID card, when you travel
  • EIIA provides insurance for medial events and needs that arise unexpectedly. It does NOT provide insurance for known/ anticipated medical and health needs
  •  EIIA Insurance Card & Policy
Host-Program Insurance
  • In addition to EIIA insurance, your host program might include emergency insurance and/or health insurance. But it might not.
  • So make sure you understand what insurance your host program offers (if any)
  • If their insurance does not adequately meet your needs, you should consider purchasing CISI Insurance (below)
CISI International Health Insurance (optional)
  • Oberlin has created a customized health insurance policy specifically for Oberlin students in cooperation with CISI
  • This policy provides insurance for emergencies, known/anticipated medial and health needs, and trip cancellation, interruption, or delay
  • You may click on the link below to review the insurance policy. If you'd like to enroll in it, please follow the instructions on the first page of the policy.
  • CISI Policy