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Study Away Insurance

Insurance while Studying Away

All Oberlin students are required to have insurance while studying away. This requirement applies to all semester, summer, Winter Term, and full year programs. Please keep in mind that the insurance coverage students have while at Oberlin (whether through Oberlin's student health insurance or through another policy) might provide coverage in other parts of the U.S., but will most likely not provide coverage when students travel outside of the U.S. Therefore, all Oberlin students are provided with free international insurance through EIIA. This insurance is free and automatic; students can simply print the EIIA Policy and Brochure, fill out the ID card on page 2, and make sure to keep all three pages with them while traveling.
  • All students traveling internationally for Winter Term are covered by the EIIA policy. 
  • Students participating in a study away program are also covered by the EIIA policy. In addition, many study away programs offer their own insurance coverage for students. However, some programs do not. Therefore, all students should confirm with their program what insurance is provided to them.

Oberlin's Student Health Insurance & Studying Away

If students normally register for Oberlin's student health insurance while on campus, they should be aware that it will not cover them outside of the U.S. This insurance only offers coverage for students when they're inside the U.S. between the standard coverage dates of each academic year; typically August 1st -  July 31st.

Students who register for this insurance should also be aware of potential gaps in coverage related to studying away. Students studying away in the Fall semester or for the full academic year will not be automatically enrolled in this insurance. Therefore, they may be subject to a gap in coverage between the end of the previous year's insurance policy (July 31st) and the start of their study away program (when insurance from the program - and from EIIA - begins). If students are studying away outside of the U.S. and would like to maintain their Oberlin insurance to avoid that gap in coverage they can contact the Office of Student Accounts for assistance.

If students have already enrolled in Oberlin's student insurance this year and are studying away outside of the U.S. during the Summer 2021 term, they will maintain their Oberlin insurance coverage inside of the U.S. until July 31st and will not experience a gap in coverage. ‚Äč