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Study Away Billng Info

Below is a summary of general financial policies for Affiliated and Approved Non-Affiliated semester programs - including GLCA-recognized programs. We also recommend sharing this information with parents/guardians/whomever helps pay Oberlin bills.

I. Oberlin Bill During Your Semester Away
All standard, billable expenses (such as tuition, housing, and meals) for your semester or year away will appear on your Oberlin account.

a) You'll Be Billed Oberlin Tuition
  • You will not be billed tuition from your host program
  • You will not be billed the standard "fees" typically associated with physically being on Oberlin's campus
  • If, in the rare case, your host-program tuition is higher than Oberlin tuition, you will be billed the host-program tuition
    • For example, if Oberlin tuition is $28,000 and your host-program tuition is $29,000, you'll be billed $29,000 through Oberlin
b) You'll Be Billed Host-Program Housing
  • Housing costs from your host program will be placed on your Oberlin bill
  • You will not be billed for Oberlin housing during your semester away
c) You'll Be Billed Host-Program Meals
  • If your host program bills for meals in advance that cost will appear on your Oberlin bill
  • If the program does not bill for meals in advance, there will be no meal charges on your Oberlin bill. In turn, you'll be expected to pay for meals out-of-pocket onsite.
d) You'll Retain Access To Your Standard Oberlin Scholarships/ Need-Based Aid
  • If you receive merit scholarships while on campus, you'll receive them while studying away
  • If you receive need-based aid while on campus, you'll receive it while studying away. However, the dollar amount of that need-based aid might be adjusted based on the "total-cost-of-attendance" for your host program.
    • When studying away, your total-cost-of-attendance will include Oberlin tuition, host-program housing, the cost of meals, and other miscellaneous expenses such as airfare, visas, onsite transportation, etc.
    • If the total-cost-of-attendance on your host program is less than that of Oberlin, than the dollar amount of your need-based aid will decrease in relation to a lower total-cost-of-attendance during your semester/ year away
    • However, if the total-cost-of-attendance on your host program is equal to or greater than that of Oberlin, than your need-based aid will remain the same
‚Äče) You'll Pay the Host-Program Deposit
  • You are responsible for paying a program deposit to your host program
  • The host program will typically charge you directly for this deposit in order to confirm your participation (which happens very shortly after you're accepted into the program)
  • A discount will appear on your Oberlin bill for that deposit (to help balance out that payment)

II. Sample Oberlin Bill During Your Semester Away
Here is a sample of what your Oberlin bill might look like during your semester away. Individual bills may vary.

$27,988: Oberlin Tuition (does not include "fees”)
$3,000: Host-Program Housing
$1,000: Host-Program Meals (if applicable)
- $500: Host-Program Deposit (you would have paid this directly to your host program. It now appears as a discount on your Oberlin bill)
- $5,000: Oberlin Scholarship (if you normally receive this while on campus)
- $1,000: Oberlin Need-Based Aid (the dollar amount might change based on total-cost-of-attendance for your semester away)
$25,488: Total Paid to Oberlin  (you will not pay housing or tuition fees to your host program)
III. Additional Information

a) Unused Financial Aid
  • If the total amount of your aid package is more than what you owe to Oberlin during your semester away, the unused portion of your aid can, in some cases, be dispersed back to you. 
  • Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid for more details.

b) Additional Loans
  • There may be additional loans available if the cost of your host program is more than the total-cost-of-attendance at Oberlin.
  • Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid for more details.
c) Federal Work Study
  • If you're eligible for work study at Oberlin, please note that these positions are not available while studying away
  • However, the financial assistance that you normally receive through these positions at Oberlin can sometimes be replaced with specific loans during your time away. Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid for more details.
d) GLCA Tuition Remission Exchange
  • This benefit applies only to GLCA-recognized programs and Oberlin-in-London. 
e) Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Such as airfare, vaccinations, books, visa fees, and other personal travel are not included on your Oberlin bill. Those costs will need to be paid out-of-pocket.  

***If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Study Away. We're here to help clarify any questions you have.***