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Taking & Transferring Study Away Courses

Start by researching the courses offered on your study away program to be sure the type of courses you need to transfer to Oberlin are available. After you find the right courses, you'll need to complete the Study Away Transfer of Credit Form (TOC Form). The Form is a fillable-PDF; so, you may complete it electronically, or print it and complete it by hand.
First Page
Complete this page with your personal details and the name of your study away program. Please be sure to indicate if you're participating in an Affiliated or Non-Affiliated program.

Second & Third Page
Please list all the courses you plan to take while studying away, even if you'll actually end up taking fewer. For example; if you know you'll only take four courses on your program, you should list seven or eight courses on the form. Just in case your first-choice courses are not available; there is a scheduling conflict; a course is cancelled; etc. you'll have all the courses that you'll potentially take listed on your form. Then, the courses that are listed on your final study away transcript can all be found on your TOC Form.

Also, pleasure be sure to indicate for each study away course if you intend to transfer it to Oberlin as a major, minor, or general elective course. Once the form is completed, please follow the steps below in order to get approval for your study away courses.
Major/Minor Courses
For courses you wish to transfer into your major/minor, you must seek approval from the relevant Dept. Chair (or the faculty member inside the Dept. who has been designated to approve courses from study away). You'll need to provide that faculty member with your completed TOC Form and the relevant course descriptions/syllabi. You can do this either in person or via email.

The Dept. Chair or designated faculty member can provide approval for each major/minor course either by signing the form (electronically or by hand) or by sending you an email in which they clearly state that they approve the course for your major. Whether your program is Affiliated or Non-Affiliated, you must seek approval for study away courses to transfer into your major/minor.

General Elective Courses
If you take a study away course that will not transfer into your major/minor, it can transfer to Oberlin as a general elective course. ‚ÄčIf your program is Affiliated, you do NOT need to approval for general elective courses. These courses only need to be listed on your TOC Form. 

However, if your program is Non-Affiliated you WILL need to seek approval for general elective courses. Obtaining approval for general elective courses can be done via the same process described above for major course approval; you'll seek approval for general electives from the Dept. Chair (or designated faculty member) into which that course would best fit. For example; if you’re a BIOL major taking an ECON course, approval for the ECON course needs to come from the Economics Dept.
Even though you can only transfer a maximum of four courses to Oberlin, you should seek approval for six - eight courses. Due to scheduling conflicts, available space, prerequisites, etc. you may not be able to get into your first-choice courses. So please seek approval for more than four 4 courses.
You do not need to complete the TOC Form until after you've been accepted into your program. However, when possible, you should complete it before the end of the semester prior to your study away experience. So, if you're studying away in the Fall your TOC Form should be completed before the end of the Spring semester.
Once the TOC Form has been completed and you have received all the necessary signatures, please email the completed form and any course approvals you received via email to the Office of Study Away (
If you end up taking a course that was not listed on your original TOC Form, you'll need to complete a new form and, potentially, seek approval for it. If you plan to transfer that new course for a major/minor requirement, please seek approval for it via email from the relevant faculty member. If that new course is a general elective course, you will only need to seek approval for it if your program is Non-Affiliated.

You may seek approval for new courses as described in the above section "How Do I Get Approval For Study Away Courses?"
Yes. Courses from study away can fulfill requirements for your majors(s) and minors(s). However, only certain courses within a major/minor can be fulfilled through study away; other courses within a major/minor must be taken at Oberlin. In addition, each major/minor has a limit on how many courses from study away can be transferred in. So, it's very important to discuss these aspects of study away transfer credit with your major advisor.
Yes, but only one. Curriculum Exploration requirements include Arts & Humanities, Natural Science & Math, Social Science, Courses Outside of Major Division, Cultural Diversity, Quantitative & Formal Reasoning, and Writing Requirements.

The only Curriculum Requirement you can fulfill through study away courses is one of your Cultural Diversity courses (students need a total of three CD courses in order to graduate). You do not need to pick specific courses to fulfill this requirement; any course on a study away program will do so.