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Identities Abroad

Why First-Gen Students Thrive Abroad
Read more about this first-gen student's experience thriving during their study abroad experience.

Exploring Racial and Ethnic Identity as an International Student
As an international student in the US, this student explored unique and unexpected elements of racial and ethnic identities while studying abroad.
Helping Students Go Beyond the Single Story 
Neal McKinney of DePauw University discusses (on YouTube) how multifaceted storytelling can serve as a conduit for students to begin deeper cultural competencies. McKinney recently received the 2020 Rising Star EDIIE Award from Diversity Abroad. His presentation was captured at the 2017 IFSA Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.
What does it mean to be human and alive? 
This question could, perhaps, be asked in every culture and every community, and the answers to it bring richness to our collective intercultural learning process. If we assume that learning is deeper and more impactful when we understand a community's diverse perspectives, how, then, can intercultural learning foster inclusivity? In this 20min video (on YouTube) Dr. Chris Van Velzer - Resident Director for IFSA in Shanghai - challenges the convention of treating local communities as “props,” and instead advocates for the inclusion of their diverse stories, experiences, and perspectives in study abroad to ultimately answer the question “what does it mean to be human and alive?”
How do we provide mentorship to those who feel they may need it least?
Mentoring has the power to engage students in purposeful tasks, integrate and apply learning, and foster frequent feedback characteristic of high-impact educational practices (HIP). Yet, assumptions and expectations have the power to derail student experiences, as many students face questions for the first time of self-worth, academic courage, and what they are truly there to discover. From curating relevant feedback, to "system hacks", to unpacking expectations, high-achieving students may benefit more than they realize from the guided challenge and support of a trusted mentor. In this 15min video (on YouTube) IFSA Resident Director Andrew Williams shares his strategies to mentor high-performing, high-achieving students within the University of Oxford programs