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Winter Term Funding

Please note that you'll have the opportunity to apply for funding from the Office of Winter Term inside of your Winter Term Application. The information below is for funding sources outside of our office. 
Flint Initiative Grants (FIGs) Contact Dana Jessen for more details Up to $4,000 Provides Conservatory, Double Degree, and Musical Studies students up to $4,000 to pursue imaginative artistic projects during WT.
XARTs Fund Contact Dana Jessen for more details Up to  $4,000 Supports the development and execution of collaborative, multidisciplinary artistic projects during WT.
MRC Funds / Co-sponsorships Ongoing Up to $300 Supports events and activities that fulfill the mission of the MRC and benefit the greater college community.
The 1835 Fund (Administered by the MRC) Late November Unspecified Available to students of color engaged in a career development activity during Winter Term.  The activity may be an internship or project and the student must identify an alumni mentor from the Oberlin Alumni Association of African Ancestry.  
The Norm Robertson Student Prize (Administered by the MRC)    $250 Awarded to students who have completed outstanding projects of either scholarly research or artistic production/performance that advance communal awareness of issues related to the history, experience, or accomplishments of U.S. and non-U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender (LGBT) persons.
Andy Cemelli '85 Student Research Grant (Administered by the MRC)  Fall – 12/5
Spring – 5/12
Ongoing applications accepted
Up to $500 Supports proposed research projects, performances, or trainings in an area related to the experience or accomplishments of lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and/or transgendered people.
Donald Downs ’62 and Richard Korb Fund (Administered by the Multicultural Resource Center)  Ongoing $100 - $750 Supports research projects, conferences and symposia, film screenings, guest speakers, publications, outreach and education, recognition for exceptional contributions to LGBT life within the Oberlin community. Contact the MRC for more information. 
Ann Marie Schaening ’87 Memorial Fund (Administered by Environmental Studies)  Mid-November $250 - $300 Supports students pursuing Winter Term studies related to the Environmental Studies Program. Announced to ENVS majors/minors and at winter term fair in late October. 
Class of 1958 Peace & Conflict Studies Support Fund Contact the department of PACS for more information.  Unspecified Provides limited financial support to projects with a demonstrated relationship to PACS.  
Phyllis Jones Memorial Award (Administered by Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies) Spring Contact GSFS for information. Recognizes and honors student work in areas related to Phyllis Jones's interests: women writers, minority women, women in the community, and the integration of personal and professional goals for women.
Leah Freed Memorial Prize (Administered by Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies) Fall Up to $600 Supports engagement in student research and creative work related to the core concerns of the GSFS Institute.  Support is available for proposals involving students in research, creative work, performance, or other academic project.
Shansi: In Asia Study Grant Oct. 16  Up to $1,500 Supports undergraduate activities in East, Southeast or South Asia during either winter term or the summer. Preference given to an individual, creative and independent project.