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Virtual Content & Resources

In collaboration with our international and domestic partners, the Office of Study Away has curated this list of exciting virtual content and resources to engage students and faculty in global learning from campus or from home. The content and resources listed below are meant to provide broader engagement with and access to global education across the Fall and Spring semesters. It may be used for educational / informational purposes, or may be incorporated into existing courses and curricula by faculty.

This list will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. Please contact Mike Rainaldi, in the Office of Study Away, with any questions.

**Last updated: 9/18/20**
This is a list of virtual info sessions hosted by the Office of Study Away and our partner organizations. These info sessions present a great opportunity to learn more details about a specific program, such as courses, housing, cultural excursions, application info, and scholarship info. All sessions are virtual, registration links are included below.

*all times Eastern*
Every Thur. between Sept. 3 - Oct. 22  SACI Florence (more info, times, and registration)
Sept. 22 @ 12.30p The Philadelphia Center
Sept. 22 @ 3p IES Vienna Music Program (more info and registration)
Sept. 22 @ 4.30p Oberlin Shansi Fellowships Info Sessions
Sept. 24 @ 4p   Japan Study at Waseda University
Sept. 29 @ 12.30p CET Study Abroad
Sept. 30 @ 12.15p Oberlin Shansi Fellowships Info Sessions
Sept. 30 @ 5.00p CET Study Abroad
Oct. 1 @ 4.45p The Philadelphia Center
Oct. 1 @ 6p The New York Arts Program (live Q&A on Instagram: @nyartsprogram)
Oct. 8 @ 4p  Japan Study at Waseda University 
Oct. 27 @ 3p IES Vienna Music Program (more info and registration)
Nov. 10 @ 3p  Special Topic: IES Diversity in Study Abroad (more info and registration
ATHENS DEMOCRACY FORUM: The New Abnormal - Reimagining Democracy
Held from Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 as a virtual event from Athens, the Forum will convene leaders from government, business, civic society and the nonprofit sector to explore real solutions to the most pressing issues facing democracy. Topics include; Democracy in a Time of Crisis, Beyond “Big Bad Tech”: A Search for Solutions, Capitalism in a Post-COVID World, Geopolitical Tectonics and Global Inequalities, The Power of Belief, From Street Protests to Government.

The speaker line-up includes Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Prime Minister, Hellenic Republic), Juan Guaidó (President, Parliament of Venezuela), Marija Pejčinović Burić (Secretary General, Council of Europe), Kerry Kennedy (President, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights), Kishore Mahbubani (Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute) and many more. Please visit the Athens Democracy Forum website for a full list of speakers, and to register for the event.

In this unprecedented time of crisis, organizing against injustice has necessarily been taking on new forms. It remains as important as ever that we express our solidarity by actively carving out creative paths for voices from these powerful anti-capitalist struggles to continue sowing the seeds for our own transformative dialogues and reflective actions as we build new collective realities together. Please visit AUSM's website for Additional Information about the speakers and to Register. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 21 @ 2p Mariana Hernández Burg – AUSM (in English)
Sept. 29 @ 12p Luz Rivera Martínez – CNUC (in Spanish)
Oct. 8 @ 6p  Sergio Pacheco – Tlanezi Calli (in Spanish)
Oct. 12 @ 7p Juan López Intzín – FrayBa (in Spanish)

BARD-SMOLNY: Career Talk with Guardian Reporter Andrew Roth
Join the Bard-Smolny Program for a Career Talk with program alum Andrew Roth - who is a reporter for The Guardian in Moscow. Andrew will speak about his journey from Stanford University to covering Russian politics and society from the Russian capital. Please go to Bard's RSVP page for Additional Information and to Register

Sept. 30 @ 10a (eastern time) - Zoom link:

CEA STUDY ABROAD: Virtual Global Dialogue
This is a virtual international and cross-cultural lecture series that invites distinguished scholars, intellectuals, artists and entrepreneurs to discuss global topics, through a local lens. During Fall 2020, this series will focus on the global and local impacts of a pandemic. Please visit CEA's website for Additional Information and to Register. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 29 @ 1p Migrants & COVID-19 - Ethical and Political Perspectives Across Border
Oct. 27 @ 1p Think Global, Act Global - Pandemics and the Environment
Nov. 24 @ 1p The COVID Blues - Solitude and its Consequences

MIDDLEBURY ABROAD: Black Lives Matter in the Global  Context
The Middlebury School in Brazil is collaborating with Tulane Univ. in their Global Perspectives Series module on Black Lives Matter in the Global Context. This series is a discussion of the international repercussions of Black Lives Matter, intersections of race and police brutality, and student initiatives to combat institutionalized racism in local university contexts across the globe. Please visit Middlebury's website for Additional Information and to Register. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept.18 @ 5p Film Discussion - "Uma onda no Ar"
Oct. 2 @ 5p The Language of Race and Anti-Racism in the Brazilian Context
Oct. 23 @ 5p Hip Hop and Brazil’s X-Ray: 30 years of Racionais MC’s
Nov. 6 @ 5p Film Discussion - "ÓPAÍ Ó": Carnaval and the intersectionality of oppressions in Salvador/Bahia
Nov. 20 @ 5p New faces and voices in Contemporary Brazilian Literature: Language, Race, Gender and Class

SACI FLORENCE: The Recovery Plan Conversation Series - African Diasporic Reflections Rooted in Italy
Offered by Black History Month Florence (BHMF) and developed and moderated by SACI project leader and BHMF co-founder, Justin Randolph Thompson, this 6-part series explores Afro-descendent perspectives on Italy. Artists and scholars will share virtual visits to the pop-up exhibition space at Museo MA*GA Gallarte which will serve as a backdrop to each session. Conversations are designed to generate dialogue and reflections that can extend back to the classroom. Please access this link for additional details about the series and the speakers. Please contact Mike Rainaldi, in the Office of Study Away, with any questions. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 29 @ 5p Italianness and the Colonial Gaze with Binta Diaw & Angelica Pesarini
Oct. 13 @ 5p Spirituality in Diaspora with Raziel Perin & Simao Amista
Oct. 27 @ 6p (please note 6p start time)      Coffee’s Materiality and Exploitation with Francis Offman & Jessica Sartiani
Nov. 10 @ 5p Cameroonian Roots in Italy with Victor Fotso Nyie & Patrick Joel Tatcheda Yonkeu
Nov. 24 @ 5p Jerry Masslo and Italian Based Anti Racist Activism with Emmanuel Yoro & Jordan Anderson
Dec. 1 @ 5p Curatorial Activism with Justin Randolph Thompson & Janine Gaelle Dieudji

SIT Study Abroad: Critical Conversations Series
This series of webinars is designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the burning issues of our times. It provides Oberlin students and faculty an opportunity to discuss and learn about global, interdisciplinary topics that engage all identities, perspectives, and cultures in respectful, enduring, and meaningful ways. Please visit SIT's Critical Conversations webpage for Additional Information and to Register. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 18 @ 1p SIT Alumni Spotlight: Conversations on Global Health
Sept. 28 - Oct. 2 Identity & Human Resilience (specific event details pending)
Oct. 12 - 16 Peace & Justice (specific event details pending) 
Oct. 19 - 23 Climate & Environment (specific event details pending)
Oct. 26 - 30 Geopolitics & Power (specific event details pending)
Nov. 9 - 13 Development & Inequality (specific event details pending)
Nov. 16 - 20 Education & Social Change (specific event details pending)

USFQ will host three 1-hour cultural immersion sessions covering comprehensive information about Ecuador and an exploration of the lecturer’s research activity as it relates to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through these talks, students will gain a deeper understanding of Ecuador and its culture, while exploring what sustainable development looks like in the local context. Please visit Latitude ZeroTalk's website for Additional Information, and visit this link to Register. Event dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 18 @ 1p & 9p State of Water in Ecuador - from the Amazon to Galápagos by Dr. Valeria Ochoa
Oct. 2 @ 1p & 9p  Galápagos, The Human Dimension by Dr. Diego Quiroga
Various Academic Fields: GLAA Connected Course Program
The Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) is an international partnership of colleges and universities advancing liberal arts education. The Alliance fosters a community of institutional leaders, faculty, staff, and students to address the pressing intellectual, social, political, educational and cultural issues of the highly globalized 21st century. Oberlin faculty are invited to collaborate on co-designed courses through the Connected Course Program. Instructors of connected courses collaborate on the design of their connections (common readings, viewings, and assignments; co-created lectures), and students and instructors collaborate on its execution (shared lectures, guest lectures, joint student projects, joint student presentations) through synchronous and/or asynchronous communication. The courses can be new or adaptations of an existing course. Oberlin faculty interested in connecting a future course offering (Spring, Summer, or Fall 2021) are encouraged to contact Oberlin's Alliance Liaison Tania Boster.

Various Academic Fields: Sant’Anna Institute - Faculty Virtual Guest Lecture Series
In support of the many challenges faced through the reconfiguration of curricula and courses, the Sant’Anna Institute has launched a project to support faculty in the US in supplementing their Fall courses through collaboration with faculty based in Sorrento. This international collaboration can add unique cross-cultural perspectives to Oberlin classes and coursework. Sant'Anna topics of expertise include;
-  Classical studies in Magna Graecia
-  History of the Mafia
-  History of Italian Cinema
-  History and Culture of Italian Food
-  History and Culture of the Mediterranean
-  Marine Biology in the Mediterranean Sea
-  The Mediterranean Diet
-  Italian-American Relations in a comparative perspective
-  Gendered communication in Southern Italy
-  Italian language and literature
-  Italian history and politics
-  Italian culture labs 
If interested, please contact the Sant’Anna Academic Director Marco Marino for more information, ideas, examples, and details.

AFRICANA STUDIES (also Anthropology, Art History, Sociology): SACI Florence
Black Presence (website is in Italian, scroll down to access video blog posts - all in English) is a new project by the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, focuses on the presence of Black African figures in the museum’s famous collection. In a series of eight videos, Justin Randolph Thompson, director and co-founder of Black History Month Florence and SACI faculty member, illustrates and contextualizes the social and cultural presence of blackness in people’s mindset in Renaissance Europe by exploring paintings in which black figures play leading roles.

ARABIC: CET Arabic Langauge Table
Join the CET online language table to learn and practice language skills with native speakers. Both Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Dialect will be offered! Please visit CET's website for Additional Info and to Register. Dates/times are listed below:

*all times Eastern*
Sept. 15 @ 3p Modern Standard Arabic
Sept. 30 @ 3p  Jordanian Dialect
Oct. 14 @ 3p  Modern Standard Arabic
Oct. 27 @ 3p Jordanian Dialect

HISPANIC & LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES (also Anthropology, GSFS, Sociology): Virtual Border Studies Program
The Border Studies Program is offering a series of online panels, workshops and webinars featuring grassroots actors on the frontlines of social justice struggles in the U.S. / Mexico borderlands. All content is free and available to Oberlin students and faculty (past webinars are also available for viewing). In fact, faculty might consider incorporating this content into their course material. Border Studies does encourage faculty who access this content for their courses to consider an honorarium that can be directed toward these grassroots actors as though they were an in-class guest speaker. 

Full details about the series, suggested readings, archived webinars, and Zoom links can be found on the Border Studies Wordpress site (please note the Zoom link for each webinar will be posted on the Wordpress site on the Monday morning prior to each event). For additional questions, including the honorarium, please contact Mari Cecilia Galup. Dates, times, and topics are listed below.
*all webinars are hosted from 2p - 4p Eastern time*
Aug. 17 (available in the archives) Trump’s asylum policies and the transnational borderlands during Covid-19
Aug. 24 (available in the archives) Indigenous resilience, militarization, and the coloniality of the U.S. / Mexico border
Aug. 31 (available in the archives) Language justice, migration and border militarization 
Sept. 14 LGBTQ+ Migrant Organizing: Stories of Resistance and Resilience
Sept. 21 Unpacking the U.S. Midwest as a Borderland
Oct. 5 Grassroots Organizing and Legal Avenues in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights
Oct. 19 Language Justice - Tools and Training for Social Change
Oct. 26 Self-defense for Social Justice and Community Autonomy
Nov. 2 Wellness and the Politics of Wellness
Nov. 9 Social Struggle, Healing Justice, and Art

JAPANESE: CET Japanese Langauge Table
Join CET for a weekly language table with Japanese college students. Attendees will be split into virtual breakout rooms for conversation. Please visit CET's website for Additional Info and to Register

Every Tuesday @ 10p eastern time

JAPANESE (also language learning in general): The Gap Between People’s Belief on Language Learning and Reality
In this short YouTube clip, Dr. Shinji Sato of Princeton Univ. discusses the idea that each student comes to the task of language learning with different motivations, linguistic experiences, and personal approaches. Dr. Sato proposes asking students at the outset “What kind of language user would you like to become?” in order to help them pursue the bespoke communication strategies they need.

RUSSIAN: Learn Russian in the EU
Learn Russian in the EU has designed a set of virtual study abroad components meant to be integrated into Russian curricula at campuses across the US unable to send students abroad. For additional details, please follow this link: Examples include;

> Individual consultations with experienced tutors in Russian language, literature, culture, history, and more
> Individual online sessions with native Russian peer communication tutors
> Interactive virtual excursions to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baltic States, Belarus, Poland, and other destinations
Additional information will be added to this section when it becomes available
Additional information will be added to this section when it becomes available