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Virtual Content & Resources

In collaboration with our international and domestic partners, the Office of Study Away has curated this list of dynamic virtual info sessions, webinars, and content to engage students in global learning from campus or from home. These are all meant to provide broader engagement with and access to global education across the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. 

This list will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. Please contact the Office of Study Away with any questions.

**Last updated: 4/17/21**
Currently, there are no info sessions scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Please check back here periodically as details are updated throughout the semester.
Please visit the links below for online info specific to certain programs. These are usually videos that give you a brief snapshot about each program; unlike the info sessions listed above, this content will be available 24/7.

► American Univ. of Cairo

     ► 10 Reasons to Study Abroad at AUC

     ► Interviews with International Students (why did you choose AUC)

► Augsburg Univ. - Peace, Justice, Community Engagement in Costa Rica​

► First Student Testimonial

     ► Second Student Testimonial 

► CAPA Florence

► IFSA Study Abroad (you'll be asked to register first, then you'll get on-demand access to a virtual study abroad fair for IFSA's programs)

► Middlebury Programs with Oberlin

     ► Middlebury School in Amman

     ► Middlebury Schools in China

     ► Middlebury School in Morocco 

     ► Middlebury Schools in Russia

​► Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities

► SACI Florence

► SIT Study Abroad

     ► Overview of Programs (one)

     ►Overview of Programs (two)

► The Swedish Program
Below you'll find our list of virtual content (for Spring) and archives (from Fall). Much of this content was created by Oberlin's study away partner organizations; so, in addition to offering unique perspectives and insights into the most pressing issues of our time, they also offer an opportunity to learn more about the study away organizations themselves and potential opportunities for the future.


BARD COLLEGE: Smolny St. Petersburg Virtual Events
The Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program is pleased to announce several initiatives, including a lecture series, for the Spring 2021 semester that allow students to remain engaged in global education. All events are free and open to all those interested.

**All Times Eastern**
SIT STUDY ABROAD: Critical Conversations Series
SIT's international programs are developed around a framework of the most critical global issues of our time—challenges that transcend borders and touch every human on the planet. This framework is meant to ensure that the next generation of leaders has the expertise and intercultural understanding to engage all identities, perspectives, and cultures with respectful, enduring, and meaningful responses. In turn, the Spring 2021 SIT Critical Conversations Series, will feature Perspectives from the Global South faculty lectures, as well as a variety of virtual events that allow participants to immerse themselves in the SIT experience and hear directly from field experts and alumni. 

**All Times Eastern**  
**All Times Eastern**
Global Education and Careers
Apr. 21 @ 5 - 6p SIT Graduate Institute Alumni Panel – Partner Pathways
May 6 @ 1 - 2p Storytelling & Social Change: Interview with Maria Agui Carter, Filmmaker, Writer & Activist

**All Times Eastern**
What is the SIT Experience?
May 10 @ 2 - 2.45p Scholarships and Budgeting Study Abroad


BORDER STUDIES: Virtual Workshops
In Fall, the Border Studies Program offered a series of online panels, workshops and webinars featuring grassroots actors on the frontlines of social justice struggles on the U.S. / Mexico borderlands. All content (see below) is free and available to Oberlin students and faculty through the Border Studies online archives.
  • Trump’s asylum policies and the transnational borderlands during Covid-19
  • Indigenous resilience, militarization, and the coloniality of the U.S. / Mexico border
  • Language justice, migration and border militarization 
  • LGBTQ+ Migrant Organizing: Stories of Resistance and Resilience
  • Unpacking the U.S. Midwest as a Borderland
  • Grassroots Organizing and Legal Avenues in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights
  • Language Justice - Tools and Training for Social Change
  • Self-defense for Social Justice and Community Autonomy
  • Wellness and the Politics of Wellness
  • Social Struggle, Healing Justice, and Art

In Fall, FU-BEST organized a digital lecture series to examine topics from the perspective of various academic disciplines, utilizing Berlin as a cultural and historical backdrop. Each lecture (see below) was recorded and is now available in the FU-BEST online archives:​
  • The Rebuilding of Europe Through Law
  • Present-Day Germany: The Heart (and Thorn in the Side) of Europe
  • Young Culture: Hip Hop and Street Art as Expressions of Youth Identity in Germany
  • Multicultural Berlin: The Dynamics of Muslim Cosmopolitanism
  • What is European Art? Treasure Hunting in Berlin
  • Energizing Europe in the 21st Century: How to Reconcile Differing Political, Ecological, and Economic Interests
  • New Media – New Politics? Blogs and Cyber Activism as Challenges to Journalism and Politics
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Can Green Businesses Make a Change?
  • How Can We Live Together? German Philosophy's Answers Since Kant

SACI FLORENCE: Black Presence
Black Presence (website is in Italian, scroll down to access video blog posts - all in English) is a new project by the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, focusing on the presence of Black African figures in the museum’s famous collection. In a series of eight videos, Justin Randolph Thompson, director and co-founder of Black History Month Florence and SACI faculty member, illustrates and contextualizes the social and cultural presence of blackness in people’s mindset in Renaissance Europe by exploring paintings in which black figures play leading roles.

SEMESTER IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Critical Problems in Environmental Science Seminar Series
Join scientists from the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Ecosystems Center as they explore critical problems in environmental science. Inspired by their own research, seminars touch on topics covered as part of the Semester in Environmental Science at the MBL, and span diverse ecosystems ranging from Arctic tundra to temperate forests, coastal marshes and wetlands to the open ocean, deserts to Cape Cod’s salt ponds. Deepen your knowledge about global change, and unexpected consequences of human activity on our planet by exploring the topics below in the online archives.
  • Sea-level Rise and the Fate of Coastal Salt Marsh Buffers
  • A Changing Climate, A Changing Ocean
  • Death Defying Down-regulation Among Algae Living High and Dry in Desert Ecosystems
  • Human Impacts on the Global Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen in the Coastal Zone
  • Breathing Without Air: The Microbial Superheroes of our Backyard
  • Will Land Feedbacks to the Climate System Accelerate Global Warming?

SIT STUDY ABROAD: Critical Conversations Series
SIT's Fall webinar series was designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the burning issues of our times. It provides Oberlin students an opportunity to discuss and learn about global, interdisciplinary topics that engage all identities, perspectives, and cultures in respectful, enduring, and meaningful ways. Please visit SIT's Critical Conversations webpage for access to all archived series (see below) from the Fall semester:
  • Perspectives from the Global South
  • Public Health, Pandemics, & Social Equity
  • Race, Human Trafficking, and Modern Slavery
  • Memory Activism, Transitional Justice, and Difficult Pasts
  • Climate Change, Biodiversity, Pandemics
  • Social Movements, Resistance, International Politics
  • Development and Inequality Beyond Coloniality​
  • Education, Democracy, Equity after COVID-19