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Winter Term Projects

August WT - Seniors Only

Project registration for 4th and 5th year students will open on Friday, June 26th. All projects will take place remotely from August 3rd to August 25th. 

Group Project Applications

Individual Project Application


September WT - Juniors Only

Juniors will have three options for winter term project credit.  Juniors are invited to participate in the Junior Practicum Program sponsored by the Career Development Center, continue their language study by participating remotely in an approved course throughout the fall semester, or participate in both options simultaneously.  A list of approved courses can be found in the project brochure for each of the language study options. 

Group Project Applications

Project registration will open from Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 17th.  Email for more information about the Junior Practicum Program.  Email Elizabeth Hamilton at for information about the language study option.

January WT - Sophomores Only

Sophomores will be able to participate in SOAR to fulfill their winter term project requirements.  Project registration for 2nd year students will open during the fall semester.  More details to be announced.  Email for more information.  Sophomores will also be able to participate in language study during the spring semester, either alone or in conjunction with the SOAR program.