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Application Deadlines & Instructions

Under the first heading, you'll find key dates related to study away applications for Summer, Fall, Full Year, and Spring programs. Under the second heading, you'll see a brief summary about how to apply to study away and what our applications look like. 
Deadline to apply for Summer 2021 Study Away  Mar. 26, 2021
Deadline to apply for Fall 2021 or Full Year 21-22 Study Away  Apr. 2, 2021
Deadline to apply for Spring 2022 Study Away   Oct. 15, 2021

Applying to study away is easier than you might think! The most important thing to remember is that you'll have two applications to complete. One application will be with Oberlin, through this website. The second application will be directly with the study away program to which you're applying. That application can be found on the program's website. Both applications are required in order to be approved to study away, but you can do them in whichever order you like. However, we recommend working on both at the same time because many of the application requirements between Oberlin and your study away program will be similar.

Please follow these steps to start and complete your Oberlin application:
Step 1: Visit our list of programs, and also be sure to go directly to the website of the programs you're interested in for full program details. If you would like to apply to a program that is not on our list, you'll complete a Non-Affiliated Program application

Step 2: When you're ready to apply to a specific program, click on the name of that program from our list. That will take you to the program's main page on the Oberlin site. You'll see an 'Apply Now' button on the right hand side fo the screen. Click on 'Apply Now,' and then select the term to which you're applying on the following screen.

Step 3: Don't forget to review scholarship and funding information!

Step 4: By selecting your term of study away, you'll create an Advising Application. Due to the various factors we need to consider in study away as a result of COVID-19, all students will start the application process by completing the 'Pre-Application Advising Questionnaire' inside the Advising Application and scheduling a Zoom advising session with our office.

Step 5: Once both those things are completed, the Office of Study Away will switch your Advising Application to a Program Application.

Step 6: When your Program Application is created you'll need to complete the following requirements before we can review your application. Details about each requirement are contained inside the application. If you're applying to a Non-Affiliated Program, your application will contain these requirements and a few additional ones.
• Agreement to Release Information
• Federal Work Study Funds
• Scholarship Request (only available for some programs)
• Study Away Approval Form
• Study Away Cost & Financial Aid Info
• Study Away Personal Statement (which consists of three short essay questions)
• Study Away Program Application (just a reminder to also complete the application directly with your study away program)
Step 7: After all of the requirements inside of your Program Application have been completed, please click the 'Submit' button at the top of the page. This will notify the Office of Study Away that your application has been completed and is ready for review. It usually takes us about two weeks to review and respond to applications from the date they're submitted.