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Spring & Summer 2021

Complete details regarding study away in Spring and Summer 2021 are still being finalized. Information that has been confirmed will be added to this page throughout the Fall 2020 semester.
COVID-19 & Study Away
The Office of Study Away is currently accepting applications for Spring 2021. Applications for Summer 2021 will open on Sept. 18th. However, we have convened an International Risk Committee to monitor and examine multiple health and safety issues related to COVID-19 and study away. Students are encouraged to apply for Spring and Summer study away, and we also recommend they enroll in courses and housing here at Oberlin as a back up plan, in case study away is cancelled for either or both semesters. Please contact the Office of Study Away with any additional questions.

The Spring 2021 Study Away Calendar
If you need to be enrolled at Oberlin for the Summer term of 2021 it's still possible to study away in the Spring semester. However, you'll need to find a program that finishes before the the start of Oberlin classes on May 3rd. If you do not need to be enrolled at Oberlin in the Summer, you may choose any Spring program you like. We have curated a list of programs below that align with Oberlin's Spring 2021 calendar, allowing you to return to campus for the start of Summer classes. 

In some cases, it might be possible to study away in the spring and return to campus between May 3rd - 15th. If you're interested in this timeline, please contact Mike Rainaldi in the Office of Study Away for more details.
Oberlin Affiliated Program
(apply via the program link below)
Non-Affiliated Programs
(Follow the link below to lear more about the program.
Apply at Oberlin through our Non-Affiliated Program Application)
AKP Kyoto Program CAPA - London (internship available)
Associated Colleges in China CAPA - Sydney (internship available)
CAPA - Florence  IFSA - City, University of London
CIEE Economics & Culture in Barcelona IFSA - Design Thinking, Business, and Liberal Arts in Barcelona 
(internship available)
CIEE Open Campus IFSA - University of the Arts, London
Middlebury School in Moscow Temple University - Tokyo
SciencesPo (Paris)  
We're excited to announce that the process of studying away in the Summer will work almost exactly the same as it does during a typical Fall or Spring term. Students will be able to transfer up to four courses from their study away program to Oberlin. In addition, students can apply their standard financial aid package to Summer programs in the same way they do for Fall or Spring.

To begin your search for Summer programs, 
Additional information will be added to this section when it becomes available
Additional information will be added to this section when it becomes available