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Resources for Studying Abroad

General resources for students traveling abroad (passport and visa info, airfare resources)

Health & Safety





General Tips & Tricks

In this section we detail other general tips and tricks Obies have passed on from their study abroad experiences.
  • Establish a core group of support people here (or online) and connect with them before you leave to let them know you might need their support while you're abroad. And in some cases, when you come back!
    • For example, if you anticipate not having a queer community abroad, solidify a support network that you can reach out to while you're abroad for support.
    • Before leaving, create a list of concrete things you can ask for from your support people - advice, guidance, a shoulder to cry on, a Skype call, etc.

Money Matters

Here we provide some basic tools for currency conversion and money management while you're abroad


Diversity Abroad

LGBT info by country

More tips for LGBT students abroad (navigating homestay families, coming out) (with more resources at the bottom)

Perspective on traveling broad as a student of color

Guide for students of color abroad

Tips and suggested prep for students with disabilities abroad

More prep for students with disabilities abroad

Tips for first-generation students abroad

Tips on religious diversity abroad